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Glyco is a mobile app born in 2019 that running enthusiasts can use to find, save and share their next run. The app, which is a personal project in collaboration with 3 friends of mine (all developers), is available to download both for iOS and Android.

Screenshot - My Trip To Thailand

Glyco aggregates all running events in Italy, no matter the distance, the type of terrain or if they are competitive or not. Users can easily search and find the running competition that best suits their needs by using the filters (date, distance, terrain, etc…) and can save the events they are interested in in a “favorite” section within the app, add them to their personal calendar on their phones or share them with friends.

This is an example of a mockup made in Sketch for the “Search” feature:

Glyco - UI/UX study

Glyco is a side-project I decided to work on for fun, as a UX exercise, along with 3 friends of mine (all developers). It is the first mobile app we have ever worked on, so it’s a little bit of an experiment and lots of design decisions, as in every project, have to make a compromise with the technical limitations met.

In addition to working on the UX side, I created some illustrations and tried to visually define the brand in terms of logo, colors, and style…

Glyco - Logo

…and I helped build the website, too.

Screenshot - Glyco - Website
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