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AdEspresso is a web tool for managing and optimizing Facebook and Google Ads paid advertising. The start-up was born as a spin-off of CreativeWeb, was selected by 500Startups 2013 (a US startup accelerator) and then acquired by Hootsuite (the leading tool for organic social content management) on February 2017.


I have been working at AdEspresso since its early days, and had the pleasure to see it growing from a 5 people side project, to a 500Startups member, to a full-grown company.

My role within the company has always been very dynamic and got more and more important. I mentored other front-end developers and designers, gradually concentrating on the visual side. In the last 2 years, I have been focusing entirely on the UX side – working with Sketch, InVision, Sketch Cloud, and

During the last year, I also spent a great deal of time on building a robust and detailed design system working alongside developers.

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